About PSI

Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) is a grower-led advanced crop pathology laboratory that identifies, quantifies and tracks risks to successful crop production.

How PSI Operates

In partnership with government, private and public sector researchers, PSI advances research discoveries off the lab bench in to grower practice, optimizes and validates new methods for pest detection and quantification and provides commercial testing services. Our focus: ‘What Pests are in our Environment’.

A project of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, grower priority issues drive the investments PSI makes when choosing technologies to advance to field validation and eventual commercial testing.

Leveraging Advanced Crop Pathology Technology

PSI conducts assays on soil, plant tissue and from DNA isolated from insect vectors.

Our focus is on accurate detection of crop pathogens including low-level detection and quantification of pest DNA. Growers can use this information as part of their management decisions for variety selection, crop rotation and control of pests.

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Spore Imaging



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